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Sandhill Crane Scene Mini Desk Clock Handmade From Cherry Wood


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Boxer Christmas Ornament Handmade From Poplar Wood, Tree Ornament, Dog Ornament, Dog Decoration, Pet Decoration, Wood Ornament


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Covered Bridge Scene Desk Clock Handmade From Walnut Wood By KevsKrafts


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Curvy Desk Or Shelf Clock Handmade From Sitka Spruce And Walnut By KevsKrafts, Desk Accessories, Office Decor


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Jeep 4x4 Off Road Christmas Ornament Handmade From Cherry Wood, Four Wheelin, Hill Climbing, Rock Crawling, Mud Bogging


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Fireman Fire Hose Christmas Ornament Handmade From Birch Plywood, Christmas Decoration


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Unique Handmade Woodworking - Clocks, Christmas Ornaments, Wedding Gifts

KevsKrafts Specializes in Unique Handmade Wood Art, and Home Decor items which include Clocks, Wedding/Anniversary items, Christmas ornaments, and Wall art. All my cuttings are done by hand with a scroll saw.

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